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copper's paints - TAKING COMMISSIONS

Started by copper, November 10, 2015, 08:44:57 PM

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long time no see but now i'm back!

i'm open for commissions again!  :)

it takes 2-3 weeks at maximum for me to finish one model depending on the size and color pattern of the model, and how much i have irl stuff happening. every week i dedicate two days for resting.
if i have multiple customers at the same time, i will complete the works in the order the commission deals were done.
in addition to painting i can do fixing, moderate modifying, building and adding features on the commissioned item. making bases is possible too but i only do them by sculpting.

trades are also an option; instead money payment i can also trade my paint work for  and kits i'm looking for, but be warned, i'm quite picky when it comes to animal species and individual models!

i prefer payment in advance just because that way i can be sure the deal is struck and i can keep track of my commissions. i accept paypal only and ship worldwide.

if you're interested, send me a note here or contact me via email!  ( lakritsivaahtokarkki[at] )


this is going to be my figure painting thread, i have animals i've repainted and much more which need to be repainted!