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A Bug's Life (unknown manufacturer)

Started by bmathison1972, July 13, 2015, 11:41:31 PM

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This is a review of a complete set of 'realistic' insects that were released in 1998 as promotional items for the release of the Disney/Pixar movie, A Bug's Life. I say 'realistic' because they are figures that we are accustomed to seeing and collecting, as opposed to the anthropomorphized characters from the film (the latter of which I do NOT collect).

There are 9 figures in the set. While they are typical 'bin-style', none seem to be reused from (or copied since) other bin, dollar, drug store 'chinabugs'.

The size varies somewhat from figure to figure, but they are all comparable to, or slightly larger than, a Safari LTD or K&M tube figure.

This is one of my favorite bin-style sets I have ever purchased! I bought the set at a mall toy store when the film was released, but I have never seen it since, not even on eBay. The figures are not influenced by any of the characters in the film, and was apparently made to have some more realistic memorabilia to accompany the film. As you will see, there are a couple interesting choices!

On to the critters (in no particular order):

1. Grasshopper
This is a rather generic figure, not particularly attributable to a given genus or species.

2. stag beetle
Another somewhat generic figure, but the bold use of two different colors is interesting. Stag beetles are rather common in bin-style sets.

The texture on the tail of this figure is nice. Perhaps meant to represent one of the emperor scorpions?

4. diving beetle
Now this is a rather interesting choice. It is clearly meant to be something aquatic (there are swimming setae on the bottom of the hind legs!). Based on the thin antennae that are longer than the palps, it most-certainly represents a diving beetle in the family Dytiscidae. Beyond that is anyone's guess.

5. springtail (Collembola)
This is the neatest critter in the set. Based on the features, I believe it was modeled after a springtail in the order Collembola. If so, this must be the only representative of this order out there!

6. fly
This is a generic figure, but maybe the blue color is meant to suggest a calliphorid? The wings were clear when new; they have yellowed with age.

7. lady bug
A standard for most bin-style insect sets. Still, I really like this. Simple, but charming. The number of spots suggests it was modeled after Coccinella septempunctata.

8. tarantula
A large, heavy-bodied, hefty figure. A lot of detail in the hairs on the body!

9. centipede
The longest figure, and made of a firmer plastic than most bin-style centipedes. Color suggests something in Scolopendra.


Beautiful set. I think the same that you diving beattle is mi favorite personally  ^-^.
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Interesting set! :) I guess the dytiscid is my favourite, too. The figure that looks like a springtail is strange because apart from its general shape reminding of a springtail there are several parts that are puzzling, e.g. the appendages at the rear end look like cerci and an ovipositor, :o


I have re-imaged these figures for Postimage! One of my favorite 'generic' sets!