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who made this newt series?

Started by miwashi, July 05, 2015, 05:53:11 AM

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Does anyone know, and is it released yet?


I failed to find out any more information other than they are Japanese and/or retailed in Japan but I got more pics.


I hope someone finds out how to get them!

Or wallet cannot handle it...but they are still so cool!


Oh, how wonderful! These look superior even to Kitan Club or CapsuleQ figures. Does anybody know the name of the series or brand? Are they mass products at all?


beautiful indeed. they look like the real thing.


I e-mailed my source in Japan about these and will post here when I learn something.


 :o Waaahhh!!! I'm so positively shocked!! I've never seen them!
Have to send the pics to my source as well. Someone HAS TO find out what they are and where to get them!


I'm told Kitan will release them after the flatworm set.


 :D Hurra! Brett has just confirmed the set's release for December.


Great news! :) I wonder if I actually have to get two sets, a friend of mine is breeding different Cynops species and he might want a full set on his own, too...


I thought this already showed up here--the entire series is either 'key chains' (they have chains or clips attached) or magnets. the best one--the floating posed-newt--has a screw right in the middle of the back. Very unfortunate.