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Hymenoptera - Bees, Ants, Wasps, and related

Started by bmathison1972, March 11, 2015, 10:36:23 PM

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hey all,

Starting a thread for Hymenoptera. I will not be dumping all my figures here at once, but will gradually add to this as I do walk-arounds and diorama shots. But please, feel free to contribute!

First up, the Asian giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia Smith, 1792 (more specifically, the Japanese subspecies, V. m. japonica Rad., 1857).



These are so cool! I love the clear wings on them. I think when insect figures have clear wings like that it makes them look a lot more realistic. That display is really nice too!


Now I want some hornet toys, lol. Wasps are hard to find here in the US. I have only a few, but not any good photos of them yet. For now enjoy some some ants.

T.M line of toys (odd I can't find any info on the company or their toys.  They just vanished in Thin air?)

Queen Ant:

Not sure where I got the black one. I think it was one of a few insects gifted to me from one of my teachers as an incentive for getting homework done on time or present after finishing elementary school.

The orange and red one I got later, like 2003 in with a bag of other insects from the TM line.  All scaled down versions of a larger line from the early/mid 1990's. They appeared to be reissued, but still same molds and date stamps of the realistic line. Both marked as 1994.

There was also a larger form of it, which I had seen in stores, around 1993 for a birthday, but it was sadly one I did not leave the store with. (I was given about $100 to spend and I bought other stuff with it.)

Worker Ant:

1st one is the original. I remember it being marketed as either "Hidden Kingdom" or "Backyard Bugs". Came with a hang tag (which I never keep, even the ones I get today). :-[  The tag described some small facts about the insect or had different languages and also warnings not to choke on it.

2nd one is a scaled down version. Both are marked T.M. with a circle. The older one has the circle hand drawn over it. 1994 for big ant and 1997 for the small one.

3rd and 4th are recent (2013/2014) knock offs I bought at a surplus store marketed as Halloween decorations. Note, they are hollow, missing the lines by the eyes and antenna bridge. They also lack the mandible area.


I like turtles.