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New lighting accessories for lego creations

Started by jonathanwilson, March 04, 2015, 11:53:22 AM

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Very bright Lego Lighting accessories like saber, light bricks,
liteuplamp, liteupStud and many more types of lighting accessories for your
lego creations.

YouTube review link:


pretty cool. did you find them or are you selling?

jonathanwilson is a professional Lego lighting parts maker they released full range of Lego lighting parts at affordable prices,
Many plug and play parts, OEM, small orders acceptable looking for worldwide distributors as partner.



Here's the new The Avenger's 2 Lego Hulkbuster lightup by Liteupblocks with 7 lights.

Supplied by


Lite up block is a professional Lego lighting parts maker.We released full range of Lego lighting parts at affordable prices.


Topics merged (again!). C:-)
jonathanwilson, would you please be so kind not to open a new thread for every one of your lego accessories related posts? Thanks.


New Lego Parisian restaurant lighting kit is released by liteupblock for all Lego lovers.