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Another visitor from the Dinosaur Toy Forum

Started by Patrx, January 15, 2015, 08:24:18 PM

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Hi, I'm Patrick! Many of you probably know me from the Dinosaur Toy Forum, of which I am a proud member. I've recently decided to take a look at the goings-on around here, despite not being much of a collector. I do like animals of all kinds, and have amassed an assortment of tiger-shaped figures that could be considered a collection. Anyway, glad to be here!


Hi Patrick, nice to see you again and welcome to the Animal Toy Forum! :)


Welcome, Patrx!

Things are a lot quieter here compared to the DTF but sometimes that can be quite nice  :))



Quote from: Patrx on January 16, 2015, 03:59:13 PM
Thanks guys! Seems like a nice forum :)

yeah it's nicer there than on the don't have 15 pages of arguments about whether a wrist is pronated, or a tail is too long, or a foot is too big, or feathers are in the wrong place, or color is wrong...(all for critters we have never seen I might add  >:D ) haha

seriously though, welcome man!


well other than colours we can be fairly sure of those things in many cases
I definitely agree, I also much prefer it here on the ATF over the DTF, and not just because the DTF can get a bit argumentative (I mean, that's only natural with such a relatively speculative field, there's no so room for variation with modern animals ;) ). I also prefer it because the ATF is a much smaller and closer knit community than the DTF.

Nice to have you here :D


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