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pvs for sale and other figures

Started by pelycosaurus, January 11, 2015, 12:27:18 AM

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My selling site its in construction right now and some stuff might not be available listed
i have several small pvs for sale play visions $2 each or $20 for the rest

banded palm civet
[strike]guatemalan palm viper[/strike]
[strike]three toed sloth[/strike]
red eye tree frog
[strike]shield nose cobra[/strike]
boa constrictor
spotted dolphin
amazone river dolphin
angel shark
bottlenose dolphin x2 grey or blue
atlantic humpback dolphin
finless porpoise
commersons dolphin
orca whale

Orca whales large pv whale $5 smaller whale $3 and smaller pv whales $2 each

PV prehistoric amphibians

Eryops x2 $5 each

marine iguana pv $3
safari great white shark $3

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animals signed by dan lo russo $35

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wild republic eco expeditions madagascar adventure $12