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The Animasaurus Collection

Started by Takama, January 10, 2015, 04:01:17 PM

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Hello ATF

I will be commissioning Artist Brandon DeMoss to make dinosaurs in 1:50  and 1:12 scale, and he gave me permission to make this my own line of models I dubbed the Takamasaurus Collection.

The species I wish to commission will range from familiar to very obscure. The 2 different scale collections will have species that i find best suited for them.   

Dinosaurs that are 24 inches to 2 meters will be in 1:12 Scale. These will have some less common species like Heterodontosaurs and Basal Ceratopsians, as well as Dromaeosaurs, and a few oddity's. 

For everything  3 meters and bigger comes the 1:50 line. Why 1:50? because its a scale i can afford im afraid.  This line Will have the largest models.

Available Models

Lurdusaurus arenatus $15

These are Lists of models i hope to to have Brandem bring to life in the future.

1:50 line

1:12s line

The items in this following list are my near future plans

If you are interested in any of the Models listed under Available Models, Feel free to PM Me or Brandem.



Price for the Lurdu will be $15 when done.


Newest project.   Einiosaurus

These are prototype pics, and it is still under construction. I suggested some changes to the mouth and Tail, and i will post the pics of these changes when i get them from Brandon.

According to him, we can expect this model to be released with the Lurdusaurus.


Wow, i forgotten about the ATFs post

First off, the Einiosaurus is now ready for  purchase  if any one is interested. (it cost $9)

Also, here some photos of Our Irritator