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My repaints~Update at any time! a friend from China

Started by Orcamel Studio, November 24, 2014, 08:08:12 AM

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Orcamel Studio

Hello my friends in ATF!It's the fourth year I falling love with animal models
In these years I also repaint a lot of animals >:D
As you know I love repaint marine animals very much,but I also love repainting wildlife on the dry land~especially the big cats! ;D
So I'll bring some of my wildlife repaints,Update at any time!hope you all love them!Thank you~ :-*
First are Tigers~(Safari,PAPO,Takara toys)

Takara tigers,very amall,hard to paint it :o(Caspian tiger & Bengal tiger)

Then the repaint Jaguars(Schliech.Safari,PAPO)
I love the Schliech's Jguar most~ :))

Safari 's Jaguar, they're all big gays

I have to say that PAPO's Jaguar is too bad,so I repainted it on PAPO's leopard~ :D

Repaint  Safari Ltd's Running Cheetah,King Cheetah~! ;D

Repaint  Safari Ltd's  leopard cub, tihis one is so small,I'm crazy!

Repaint  Schleich's 2014 leopard~

Repaint  PAPO's 2014 new Snow leopard!

Repaint MOJO's Clouded Leopard

Repaint MOJO's Lynx

Repaint & DIY Sechleich's 2014 vulture,Wattle vulture! :))

Repaint  Safari Ltd's African wild dog~

Repaint  PAPO's Hyena,with blood~ >:D

Repaint  Safari Ltd's Green Iguana

Repaint AAA's Alligator

Repaint AAA's Komodo Dragon

Repaint AAA's Giraffe

that's all ,thank you~I'll update soon~


Hercules beetle

Schleich should hire you! you can paint even better than them!


Oh, wow, these are all so incredibly beautiful! :o 8)
And your repaints reveal that the sculpts of some figures are better than their original paint jobs may suggest. You also repainted the Safari Ltd Wild Safari Wildlife Tiger. I have that one, too, and I've been rather disappointed by how it looks in its original state. But your repaint shows that the sculpt itself is actually quite good. So it's the original colouration which distracts from the quality of the sculpt. The Vanishing Wild Collection is another example of figures with mostly excellent sculpts and often enough a horrible original paint job. Your custom of the Jaguar is my favourite of them all. :) I've been thinking about adding artificial whiskers to large figures, too, but I never dared to. Your photos show that it can really be done. Are those very fine nylon threads you used?


Amazing repaints!!! I love them all! I'm very impressed :D It's just unbelievable how beautiful  is now the Mojo Clouded Leopard after your magic repaint! Wow!!! :D

And what you did with Schleich vulture is very inspiring, how awesome!!! Now, I may need to customise mine scleich vulture too!  8)


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