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Cuddly toys

Started by WiseWolf, October 17, 2014, 09:41:56 PM

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I was wondering if anyone here collects cuddly toy animals as well as models. I do, I have hordes of them! I keep telling myself not to buy any more, but they're so darn cute I can't resist. I just got a new Burmese python yesterday.

Hercules beetle

My favorite plush toy is my cabin critters blue catfish


I have lots
most of which I hardly touch these days


I'm sure every household must have at least one cuddly toy in some form or another.

I was considering opening a section of the forum especially for plush animal figures, but there wasn't much interest at the time  :) it is still a possibility though.


Hehe, since I have kids I'm allowed to buy any cuddly toys I want... >:D Only they're not really mine, anymore. Not that they ever were. We have (among others) a squid (I believe by Wild Republic, don't they also make plushies?), an octopus, two bats, a lobster, hand puppets of a donkey and a tortoise, and a guinea pig named "King-Kong". ;D


I have a lot of wild republic plush toys
and a few Folkmanis puppets, some of them are very realistic


I like my cuddly animals realistic too. I don't like cutesy 'teddy bear' type ones. Most of mine are wolves and lions, but there's plenty of others too. I have some in my car, some on my bed, some on top of my wardrobe, etc. I still sleep with a cuddly wolf at night, despite being well into adulthood (at least chronologically!).


I have this one snowy owl puppet, even the real thing fell for it :D


My one and only attempt at making a plush toy:

I made it for my niece. I hope she still has it...