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avatar_Hercules beetle

Help finding a goliath beetle?

Started by Hercules beetle, October 17, 2014, 05:49:06 PM

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Hercules beetle

Hello, please could you tell me a source that has a replica of a goliath beetle if theres any? i am pretty sure thee are some for sale, anyway, i would appreciate any help.


Hi there,

I am an entomologist and I only collected replica arthropods :)

I know of four off-hand

1) ChocoQ Animatales (you can see it on the 'Beetles' thread)
2) DeAgonstini World Insect Book (you can see it on the 'Beetles' thread)
3) K&M Wild Republic-they did one in the world record holders (or the like) 'toob'
4) PlayVisions--one in flight with the wings extended.

I have #s 1 and 4 above, only


I only have No. 1 and 2 from Blaine's list. No. 1 may be found on ebay every now and then (although I bought it as part of the complete series). The wonderful DeAgostini Goliathus orientalis seems quite rare, I've only seen it on ebay once or twice, I got mine as part of a used collection of approx. 40 DeAgostini insects from Japanese auctions. I've seen the K&M every now and then but I never found it good enough to justify international shipping costs.