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A's repaints and refurbishments

Started by A.Garcia, October 03, 2014, 10:35:24 PM

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I'll use this topic for showing customizations of my animal figures. I'll begin with the pronghorns that were in the diorama with my prairie figurines. The two miniatures are from the Safari Ltd. North American Wildlife Toob, and a K&M International wildlife tube.

As you can see, this version really needed a repaint. (I've repainted a couple more from this toob, posted on STS forum, but should probably show those images here, too.)

I was fond of this figure, from my only K&M set, but I'm happier with it repainted, as well.

This one's a little goofy so close up. ;)

In the not-so-prairie-like grass:

The larger one will be next...


Brilliant repaint, A.Garcia! :) Those toob figures and other minis are often very nicely sculpted but with a less than average paint job. It's nice to see how your customisation reveals how good the sculpt actually is.



Thanks brontodocus & widukind. I think you can get a lot of value from many of the toobs, sculpt-wise. However, I've spoiled myself so that I want to paint so many mini figures, I'll have to prioritize carefully or get overwhelmed. :P :))  It's also too bad there isn't a larger variety of minis in production.