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Hello everyone

Started by GCassa94, August 12, 2014, 05:31:21 PM

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I'm a 20 years old guy from Italy and I love animals  :))
When I was 5 my mom bought me the Safari ltd hippo and I still love it, but that was just the beginning.
I've always been really critical about my animal toys, even when I was really young. When I was like 10 I fell in love with Schleich animals (unfortunately in my city it is not easy to find Papo or Safari LTD animals so Schleich was all I knew), and I have a pretty big collection of Schelich wild animals, with some Safari ltd animals too. I did not buy animals for years, but lately in Paris I bought the Papo lioness (love it) and now my passion is re-firing.
I really love your big collections and I hope you can help me find new animals to buy since I really care about size and details.  ^-^


Welcome to the forum!  8) at least Schleich's animals are good (unlike their dinosaurs!).

Scottish Sungazer

Welcome back to the 'club' or should that be addiction?  ;)

My wildlife collection is also pretty much 100% Schleich based.



Hi and welcome to the Animal Toy Forum, GCassa94! :-)