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oh my gosh!

Started by bathynomus, July 24, 2014, 02:59:14 AM

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Hi guys!

Found this place browsing the Dinosaur Toy blog.  I didn't know there was a forum for animal toy collectors too. but OF COURSE THERE IS.  Basically I've been browsing and losing my mind for like an hour.

I collect animal/dinosaur toys...casually I guess you could say, as space and funds do not allow me to go nuts like I might otherwise.  But, I'm looking forward to what I might find on this forum!  I'm already freaking out about the Kaiyodo stuff.  I DID NOT KNOW SUCH WONDERS EXISTED.

Hope you don't mind me hanging around!


Welcome to the forum, glad you found us!  :D


You are welcome  new friend  ^-^.
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 ;D He, he, I was pretty shocked too when I saw my first Kaiyodos.

Welcome here, bathynomus!


I had known of their anime products years before I ever saw their animal figures, and I was too shocked ;)


Thanks everyone!

I have a few Japanese dinosaur toys but I am not sure what brand they are-had no idea that there were multiple companies making such neat little things (and of so many obscure species too??)


Hey bathynomus, welcome to the Animal Toy Forum! :) Yeah, I guess you already know that Kaiyodo even made (at least) two Bathynomus figures, one B. doederleinii (from the Enoshima Aquarium bottlecap series) and a new Kaiyodo Deep Sea Life set includes something that likely represents B. giganteus. 8)


I did see the Kaiyodo isopod!  The deep sea stuff is definitely #1 on my list.  That Colorata set?  It will be mine.

Also, I found out my little dinosaurs are Kaiyodo...I bought them at the Field Museum a number of years ago, but alas they no longer seem to carry them. 

When I was browsing I found a link to a marketplace that sold some of the Japanese stuff, but I can't find the link or remember what the name of it was.  Or...what kind it sold.  I know this is vague, but can anybody point me in that direction again?  It was red and white and in English, that's all I remember.