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kon'nichiwa / hello

Started by stargatedalek, July 04, 2014, 11:37:09 PM

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I'm Michell, I've been collecting animal toys my whole life. (which isn't... especially long :P )
I mainly collect extinct animal figurines and gashapon, but I do have somewhat wide branching tastes.
I assume that not just anyone can write reviews, but if I happen to have any figures you don't have reviews of yet I'd love to help out.


Hi and welcome! Anyone can write reviews and walk arounds, it's kind of a crowd sourcing project I suppose!  :)


thanks, its good to be here, I've been lurking for some time
I'll go and check for any figures yet to be reviewed that I own, and I'll try and get pics



Sounds good! It is always a pleasure when lurkers come out of hiding  :D


Hello Michell, welcome to the Animal Toy Forum!  :)