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The Starlux animals in my zoo

Started by widukind, May 17, 2014, 03:08:39 PM

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Here is my collection of the vintage french brand Starlux. I like this old brand with the very unusual animal species  :)

black-headed gull, cassowary, crowned crane, goliath crane, Kudu male and female, Nilgai, roe deer, Moutain zebra, Jentkins duiker,Red hartebeest, pheasant, marabou

ostrich, guinea fowls and scimitar-horned oryx

babirussa and peccary

bongo and colobus


asian bagder


Very cool collection of antelopes, Widukind! I just read that Clairet figures are frequently infected with a plastic-eating bacteria. However, I don't really know if Starlux figures are also known to have this bacteria. Do you know if I need to quarantine Starlux figures the same way as Clairet's?

Note: I don't have any Clairet figures, but I'm interested in Starlux, which is also a French manufacturer.


Rather beautiful collection. Just gotta be careful, they are brittle.