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Leptodora kindtii (Kaiyodo - CapsuleQ Museum Animatales)

Started by brontodocus, March 30, 2014, 12:41:36 AM

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One of the most obscure figures released this year is the Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Museum Animatales series 5 (Biwako) Predatory Water Flea, Leptodora kindtii (Focke, 1844). This figure is No. QMN-040 (Animatales #289). Length excluding furcal rami (the small appendages at the rear end) is approx. 57 mm so the scale is between approx. 1:0.2 - 1:0.3. This is apparently the first time a figure of this species has been released. Leptodora kindtii has a very wide geographic distribution which covers almost the entire northern hemisphere. It's a planctonic organism living in great lakes and it is quite common - although it is so translucent that despite its considerable size for a limnic planctonic organism it is often overlooked. The animals are voracious predators and feed on other planctonic crustaceans, especially water fleas (Daphnia spp.).

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It is the first time that i see this specie  :o. Really curious and strange......  ^-^.
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Ha! I see with yours, the compound eye faces in the wrong direction too (at least wrong for how the figure is depicted online)!  ???  :o


Quote from: bmathison1972 on March 30, 2014, 01:47:12 PM
Ha! I see with yours, the compound eye faces in the wrong direction too (at least wrong for how the figure is depicted online)!  ???  :o
You mean like in this photo?

The compound eye is inserted into the lower half of the head and the paint is applied on the upper surface only. So it will look good when viewed from above. The photo from the CapsuleQ website shows it in ventral aspect, though. But either they used a figure for the catalogue photo with the compound eye painted from both sides or it shines through when viewed from below (mine does a bit, but not as much as the one in the CapsuleQ photo does). But obviously the figure was meant to be this way because the dorsal surface was probably more important than the ventral one. In the real animal the eye would easily be visible from all sides. I'm sure it's meant to be that the paint of the eye faces upward.


 :D Awesome walk-around!

:o Superb imaging:

....... exactly what I was waiting for. Now I can finally build mine ;D.


Many thanks, Helge! :) I thought it may be helpful to give an overview of the animal's external anatomy since its strange appearance may be confusing.



Photos of the predatory water flea, Leptodora kindtii, are back. Still one of my favourite Kaiyodo figures! :)