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Guitarfish ( Kaiyodo Aqualand series)

Started by OkapiBoy, March 16, 2014, 10:58:53 PM

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Here is the Kaiyodo resin guitarfish (type of ray)from the Aqualand series. It's a nice figure, comes with a stand wit a base made to look like a shell! :))


Ha! I just made a comment at the DTF--I'm pretty sure your fish is a Shark ray or Bowmouth guitarfish, Rhina ancylostoma. Pretty cool figure though (I'm assuming that it requires painting).


Wonderful little resin gem, OkapiBoy! :) Oh, but I see, this is a Guitarfish (or Shark Ray) rather than an Angel Shark. The base and the thin metal rod make it look very elegant! :)

Edit: Ah, Sean was faster... ;D


LOL! ^-^ Thanks guys, I was going with what the seller listed it as. Did not come in box or any info other than a sticker on the bottom that also say ARTPLA, any idea what that means?
Anyway, it can be painted, but it's painted grayish right now. It's a very cool figure ^-^


Really cool figure, very similar to Safari version ^-^. Thanks for sharing friend  ^-^.
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There are several cartilaginous fishes that may seem to be a mix between sharks and rays at first sight but actually it's quite easy: If the gill slits are below the pectoral fins (rather than in front of or even a little above them) and only visible from the ventral side then it's a ray.