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Tawa Gecko (Kaiyodo - CapsuleQ Museum Animatales)

Started by postsaurischian, March 10, 2014, 08:22:33 PM

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Series:   Kaiyodo - CapsuleQ Museum Animatales: Series 4
                                                  (This is figure QMN 029 - Animatales No.278)


Really awesome. A great replica of Kaiyodo as always  ^-^.
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Great figure and beautifully photographed! You really have done it justice :) Thanks for sharing.


A beautiful little gecko figure! :) Since I have it too it may be of interest that it's almost life size (despite being a member of the genus Gekko which contains some of the world's largest gekkonids) this one represents a smallish species between 90 and 130 mm total length. This one is close to the lower end of the size range for G. tawaensis, I estimated 86 mm if it was fully stretched out.


Beautieful figurine, i think i will add them in my wishlist  :)