Prairie Dogs (Safari Ltd - Incredible Creatures)

Started by brontodocus, February 04, 2014, 10:15:31 AM

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Walk-around of the Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Black-tailed Prairie Dogs, Cynomys ludovicianus (Ord, 1815). The figure has just been retired for 2014 and is not listed in Safari's catalogue anymore. Snout-vent length of the two adults is approx. 85 mm and tail length 27 mm, standing height is 72 and 73 mm, respectively, so the scale is approx. 1:4.
Despite local decline the species still occurs in great numbers in the wild and IUCN lists it as "Least Concern".
Over here some people keep prairie dogs as pets despite their burrowing habits. I've heard that one keeper, asked how they are as pets, answered "synchronised destruction world champions". ;D

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Very cool figure. It has been retired this year, it is a bad new, it is the firts time that I see this figure :(.
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