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fixing the unbearable hump on the bear from "Torak" (Schleich - Bayala)

Started by brontodocus, January 17, 2014, 09:51:16 AM

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Being quite unhappy with the unbearable notch in the hump of the bear from "Torak" (Schleich Bayala) I decided to customise the figure. Since the hump is very high I decided to cut off some of it and then carve the fur texture into it with a dremel tool bearing a 1.5 mm drill. In order to repaint the customised area I mixed acrylics to match the original colour as much as possible and then drybrushed with a lighter coloured mix over it.
So this is the result and finally I can enjoy the figure. The original shoulder height of 79 mm has now decreased to 77 mm and the change is still quite subtle.

Before customisation:

And afterwards:


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Good work, I'd never know this was modified unless you pointed it out :)