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Brown Bear from "Torak" (Schleich - Bayala)

Started by brontodocus, January 17, 2014, 09:49:47 AM

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Walk-around of the Schleich Bayala Brown Bear from "Torak". The bear is impressively large for Schleich's standards but not overly massive in build. It's up to everyone to decide if it represents a Eurasian Brown Bear, Ursus arctos arctos Linnaeus, 1758, or one of the other Brown Bear subspecies. Shoulder height is 79 mm and snout-vent length approximately 130 mm, so for a Eurasian the scale would be between approx. 1:12 and 1:16 (Grizzly Bears and Kodiak Bears can be a good deal larger but at least the figure lacks the massive look of a big male with a strong neck and tiny-eyed broad head dominated by huge temporalis muscles). The figure has been retired, recently, but can still be found at some stores, sometimes even for considerably less than the original retail price (we'll see how quickly this may become obsolete, of course). Torak himself may be an elven or human teenager figure (his ears are a bit concealed by his hood) with swivel joints in both wrists and a stick in one hand (which may be meant as some sort of riding crop since the wrists are movable). Apart from the Torak figure which despite its level of details I find rather useless but which is also (luckily) removable the most annoying detail is the notch in the bear's hump that is designed to fix Torak's left hand to the bear's hump. This means that the bear doesn't look good without Torak sitting on it and it made me somewhat regret having bought the figure (before I received it I only had stock and catalogue photos as a reference and none of them showed the notch in the hump). The figure can be recommended for collectors who like to display it with Torak sitting on top of the bear or who are willing to customise the hump. Since the hump is very high it won't hurt cutting off a few millimetres and so I customised my figure which was an easy fix and only took a few minutes including repainting and drybrushing the hump. Shoulder height is now 77 mm but the hump is still elevated enough for me.

After customisation, together with "European Father" from Miniland/Los Amigos del Mundo (scale approx. 1:13 - 1:14)

Edit 2017-02-07: Fixed broken image urls.


Wonderful figure and review as always friend. I dindnt know that the rider is removable  ^-^. I dont think very well what Schleich Brown Bear is better, this or the news  ^-^.
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This is certainly my favourite Schleich bear! Also, you did great job on customisation! Congrats :D


Brown Bear from Bayala Torak photos are back. :)