Raccoon (Safari Ltd - North American Wildlife)

Started by Takama, January 12, 2014, 03:43:11 AM

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I decided to move from Schleich to Safari, as there animals are more accurate, and they have a wider range

My most recent acquisition is this surprisingly large Raccoon. I like it better then the Schleich one. Come to think of it, the Schleich one don't look like a real one, but some fantasy creature.


I like it. I think the same that you, it is more accurate than Schleich version but this last it is not bad really  ^-^.
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Excellent figure! :) I wanted to buy this so often and always forgot to when I placed a bigger order. :-[


Yes, a really nice figure.
Raccoons have rather long legs, for some reason I'd never noticed before!