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Pug Male (Schleich - Dogs)

Started by Takama, December 25, 2013, 08:49:04 PM

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Once apon a time. A man named Nathan saw a Pug in a Petshop.  He asked an employee if he could hold it, and he said yes.   As Nathan held it, the Pug licked his face continuously, and Nathan fell in love.  Sadly, Nathan could not afford to adopt the pug as he already has a Pomeranian named Rex, and a couple of Mixed breed dogs.   Three days later, he found a Pug figure in the Toy section at his local Shopko, and the figure became his little reminder of the cute Pug he could not Adopt.

I might get the Female and Puppies in the Future, and post them here in this thread (Unless someone else wishes to post them here, you have my permission)


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