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Looking for the katipo spider replica

Started by IslandAnimals, December 24, 2013, 07:17:20 PM

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I live in florida united states can someone help me find and look for the katipo spider replica in stores online store websites or in online store websites that have a USD currency?


The only katipo I am familiar with is a Yowies figure. You can often find them on eBay (I got mine there a while back).

S&N, Animals of Australia has an Australian red-back spider (widow) but I dont think they have a katipo. As I said, I think the Cadbury Yowie's katipo is the only one. I've ordered all my Yowies from Australians on ebay, if you find one it shouldnt be hard to get.


you seen interested in Australian species. The Cadbury Yowies, while not the best in accuracy, have the most endemic species and many 'original' species. You can often buy entire sets pretty cheap.

Here is the Yowies search results on eBay:

I've ordered most of mine this way. They take USD and ship relatively quickly.