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Papo and Mojo for 2014

Started by sauroid, November 08, 2013, 06:45:47 AM

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any new list/photos of Papo and Mojofun figures for 2014?
all we have are Safrai Ltd, CollectA and Schleich


In Papo 2014 will be new macaw, as far as I know. :) They didn't say more than that yet.  (they also shown some new fantasy figures but not sure if it's interesting for members here?)
About Mojo, I'm sure we can expect news this month ;)


In Mojo's case, a good number of their '2013' releases will almost qualify as 2014 figures as it is--the clouded leopard, gaur, prehistoric mammals, ratels, quagga, etc. So the 2014 announcements may be late releases. Hopefully, Mojo is more realistic about what they expect actually get out and when (I for one am saddened by how many of the ones I looked most forward to have yet to be released).


Yes, I would also be happier if these Mojo animals would be in shops earlier in the year. But it's young company and I believe in future it can only work better.  :)