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What is the Job of A Zookeeper?

Started by thomasbarber, November 06, 2013, 07:30:39 AM

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Zookeepers play a major role in conservation. These individuals work directly with the animals. They look after the animals’ wellbeing ensuring their proper nutrition and safety. However, the job of zookeeping is not for the faint of heart. The task involves physical labor but more importantly compassion for animals and commitment to conservation.

Job prospects for zookeepers in Australia are quite stiff as positions are rather few. Hence, competition is somewhat high. In many of the larger establishments, a grading system exists that classifies zookeepers in terms of performance, skills, knowledge, and expertise. 
Given the level of professionalism required of this career, those presently employed as zookeepers could benefit greatly from the zoo keeping courses available online. The program serves as a solid foundation for employment as well as for future studies. 

The coverage of zoo courses provides a basic understanding of the nature and scope of zoos as a place for education and conservation. In addition, students are taught about occupational health and safety at the workplace. The program offers a set of courses on Captive husbandry that includes nutrition and feeding, health, reproduction, as well as behavior and enrichment.
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