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Manta Ray (Favorite - Marine Life Desktop Model)

Started by brontodocus, October 26, 2013, 12:30:44 PM

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Recently, I had the chance to get my first Favorite Marine Life Desktop model. :) Unfortunately, the entire series is discontinued (although Favorite has released a new line now). Like the better known Favorite (or KinTo) dinosaur desktop models this one here is made of resin and comes with a painted wooden base. Most of the models are enlarged versions of the corresponding "Soft Model" series although there hasn't been a Manta Ray among the vinyl Favorites.

So here's the walk-around of the Marine Life Desktop Model No. FM-109 Giant Manta Ray, Manta birostris (Walbaum, 1792). Total length (mouth at midline to tip of tail) is 150 mm, width of disk is approx. 225 mm (measured along the curvature, not in direct line). So the resulting scale is approx. 1:17 - 1:40 (1/20 according to Favorite), very similar in size to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Collection Manta Ray by Safari Ltd. Human figures are approx. 1:23 - 1:27 scale (man from Safari Ltd People in Motion Toob) and approx. 1:32 scale (diver from Safari Ltd Coral Reef Toob). Obviously, the more delicate parts of resin figures are quite prone to breakage and that's probably why Favorite decided not to make the tail out of resin at all. That's a nail, believe it or not! ;D And quite a pointy one, too. Ouch!

Edit 2017-02-07: Fixed broken image urls.


It is so beautiful and the sculputure and dispaly are wonderful :o. Thanks for sharing friend.
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Many thanks, Jetoar! :) Strangely, until quite recently I didn't even know the model existed since I thought all of those older Desktop Models would have their Soft Models counterpart. Unfortunately, there is no information available via Favorite's website anymore since the line is discontinued and does no longer appear on the site.



Quote from: Rex on November 15, 2013, 08:33:16 AM
Is the Tail Broke?
Oh, no. Strangely, this is how it was produced, I guess to avoid a broken tail they simply didn't make one out of resin but out of a steel nail, so this is how it came out of the box.


Favorite Marine Life Desktop Model Manta Ray Walk-around image urls restored. :)