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Brazilian ( Lowland) Tapir ( Wildlife)

Started by OkapiBoy, September 29, 2013, 06:33:59 PM

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One of the best so far, really nice figure. I think with this release, almost all of the tapir species are represented ( except the mountain?) in toy form.
This figure goes well with the CollectA, Safari, and Papo figures :)

Here it is with the CollectA mom and baby figures


Isn't the Tapir sculpted by Anna?
This might be the reason why it's one of the best new Mojö figures :)!


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Awesome! :) Who would have thought a tapir figure would look so elegant? ^-^ Looks even better to me than Collecta's Baird's Tapir (even though that one is still a great figure)! :o


Congratulations for having nice tapir collection with this newcomer! :D  ^-^

I'm really glad you like it! It's indeed my design (except the painting), I'm always happy to hear opinions about it! :D



Hi all! I plan to get the "new" brown Mojo Tapir to represent the Amazonian tapir, with the original grey one representing the Columbian tapir.
However as noted by many, the new paint deco lacks the distinct white cheeks of the species. Does anyone have any recommendations for white-colour marker pens that are compatible with plastic figurines? I'd like to do some minor customization to re-add the white cheeks + white tipped ears & trunk.

Dusty Wren

An extra-fine tip Posca pen could probably do the trick. Those pens draw well on most surfaces, and the paint dries to a matte finish that's waterproof. You'll probably still need to seal it to prevent chipping, but that's the case for any DIY paint job.

However, I'd recommend doing this with a brush and acrylic paint if you can. I've found that white markings tend to look more natural if you water down the paint and gradually build up opacity with several layers.