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Living Fossils

Started by Takama, August 01, 2013, 03:18:05 AM

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"A liveing Fossil from the Jurassic" My master preaches to me. He got this at the Underwater World aquarium at Mall of America, because of how old these cretures turnd out to be.


It is a magnificet figure. It has a good details and sculptures, clearly a good gift for my girlfriend because is one of her favorite animals.
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I think it was a perfect addition to the Incredible Creatures series! :)


My owner asked me to start a thread on living fossils.  Creatures that survived throughout the ages, good examples are the horseshoe crab Tuatara, and coelacanth.

Right now I only have a Horseshoe Crab.

I plan on getting a CollectA Przewalski Stallion in the near future.

If you have any, feel free to post them here.