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Zebra Shark (CollectA - Sea Life)

Started by brontodocus, July 16, 2013, 10:37:27 PM

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Another 2013 marine animal figure by CollectA, here is the CollectA Sea Life Zebra Shark, Stegostoma fasciatum (Hermann, 1783). Total length is 120 mm, so the scale is between approx. 1:14 and 1:20 (one source even gives a maximum of 3.54 m total length for S. fasciatum, so taking this into account the scale may be up to 1:29). The human figure (Minimen Andreas Köpke) is 1:20 scale. The shark figure is nearly identical in length to the 122 mm long Safari Ltd WS Sealife Zebra Shark but the CollectA figure shows the colour pattern of a mature adult while the Safari Ltd version represents a juvenile.

Edit 2017-02-07: Fixed broken image urls.


Wonderful and beautiful figure, but I think that they could do a words smaller  ^-^.
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CollectA Zebra Shark - fixed broken images. :)