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Introducing The Animal Toy Forum

Started by AnimalToyForum, December 06, 2012, 01:02:15 PM

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This is a bit of an experiment. I've been um-ing and ah-ing about setting up a forum dedicated to animal toys for a while now and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and see what happens. The Animal Toy Forum is a new partner site to the Dinosaur Toy Forum, and I've set it up using the same software and format as the DTF, in the hope of recreating the same friendly and open atmosphere here that has made the dinotoyforum a success. The forum is a place for us to share our love for animals and animal toys, share our collections, make trades, discuss upcoming releases, and everything else a good forum facilitates. I also intend to run a diorama contest :). Perhaps the Animal Toy Forum, or ATF, will also become a valuable resource for information on animal toys. I don't know! In any case, welcome to the spangly new Animal Toy  Forum...I look forward to seeing what happens!  C:-)


It Is a great idea Adam. I think that is other mode that more people can participate because I think that is posible that they dont have figures of dinosaurs, but they have another figures of mammals, reptiles or othre animals. I would like to participate in the diorama contest  ^-^.
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Yes, it's a great idea, indeed. :) Oh, a diorama contest would be a great idea, too. Although I never managed to participate in any diorama contests on DTF. Mostly because I simply forgot to make an entry in time. Oh well... :-\ ;D