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Markhor (CollectA - Wild Life)

Started by brontodocus, July 12, 2013, 11:17:58 PM

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So it's been a while since I did the last one but, hey, here is the walk-around of the 2013 CollectA Wild Animals Tadjik or Bukharan Markhor, Capra falconeri heptneri Zalkin, 1945. Snout-vent length is 80 mm plus 9 mm tail, shoulder height 52 mm and the impressive horns are 45 mm long. This puts the scale between approx. 1:16 and 1:22. The human figure (Minimen Andreas Köpke) is 1:20 scale. While usually collectors may be disappointed by horns of animal figures being too blunt, soft, or unnaturally curved for safety's sake, the CollectA Markhor sports extremely pointy and rigid horns. Perhaps nothing for a three year old child but they do look phantastic.

Edit 2017-02-07: Fixed broken image urls.


Wonderful figure with a lot of details, thanks for sharing friend  ^-^.
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I just got this figure and gotta admit, the details are astounding, especially it's horns. But shouldn't it be a little larger? I mean, Markhors are quite sizable animals.