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Blue-footed booby (Furuta - ChocoEgg Series 6)

Started by AnimalToyForum, June 09, 2013, 04:07:05 PM

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Here's a walk-around of the Blue-footed booby (Sula nebouxii) by Furuta. It looks a little imbalanced but I think intentionally so, with one leg raised off the ground, as the booby is doing its ritualistic courtship dance. Quite seductive. You will see from the photos, a little bit has chipped off the raised leg, which happened when I was putting it together. The joints in these Furuta models are often a poor fit, some of them don't fit without some modification, and so I've snapped more than one with my impatience. In the end I gave up on this one, until Himmapaan, with the most meticulous care, kindly trimmed the joint and constructed the figure for me. Edit - I've just noticed the last two photographs below, in juxtaposition, result in an amusing image!


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Such a nice figure even despite the obvious seams. :) I remember I had a hard time putting it together, too. Although thankfully I didn't break anything, phew.