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Animals that you didn't know existed

Started by AnimalToyForum, June 08, 2013, 08:30:59 PM

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Some nice photos.

We knew all of these animals already though, right?  ;)


Quote from: animaltoyforum on June 08, 2013, 08:30:59 PM

We knew all of these animals already though, right?  ;)

Of course  ;) haha it was only the Cyphonia Clavata and Sunda Colugo that I didn't know  :-[ I had better shape up!

I really do adore the zebra duiker - I adore them all, obviously, but zebra duikers are so beautiful and elegant. There's just something about them which really captivates me.

Also, the photographs are really nice - especially the Yeti Crab and Babirusa mug-shot :)) Thanks for posting :)


Amazing page, I didnt know de zebra duiker  ^-^
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Interesting! I didn't know before about yeti crab (is amazing!) Cyphonia Clavata and Sunda Colugo is also new to me. Thank you for sharing the page :)


A great link!  Some of these I never knew existed.  A couple of them I have seen before (like the Fossa, we are lucky enough to have one at our local zoo), but many are new to me; thanks for the link!   :)


This is cool! :) I didn't know a lot of those...;)
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Knew most of 'em except for that Southern Right Whale Dolphin. Man, that's one wicked awesome whale if I ever saw one! Also, raccoon dogs are adorable. Same for fossas! ...And nearly every other animal on the list. Yep, even the naked mole rat. Saw some of those at a zoo once, really fascinating to watch them.


I didn't know some of those animals existed! After looking up some of these animals I found this video, and found some more that I didn't know about!  :)


Very very interesting , thanks for showing  :)


Easy peasy, I have a power point of new bird species to me.
Don't I take long uploading photos!


Quote from: Advicot on December 05, 2019, 06:48:22 PM
Easy peasy, I have a power point of new bird species to me.

There are only around 10,000 extant bird species to remember, so that could end up a huge ppt. :P


Good number of intriguing articles. Knew quite a few of the animals already. Surprised Ice Fish didn't make it, cus I doubt many know of it and it's transparent.