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Possible sale of retired papo Velociraptor and retired papo mammoth and more

Started by sportyabi007, March 10, 2013, 07:48:33 PM

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Hello, i have 2 papo raptors and 2 papo mammoths, both are the retired ones. I also have 2 cave men, one retired green trex (has some slight scrathes from childrens play) and also a papo triceratops. Also in the picture attached is a schleich, however im also happy to have this for sale.

I can ship anywhere in the world. Indavidual offers are prefered or small lots, i do not want to sell all of them as a whole lot. Please let me know offers etc. All the conditions of the other dinosaurs are pretty much perfect. Any other details, feel free to post and i will answer. Thanks


Hey. Are those items you mentioned still for sale? I would be interested in the raptors and the rex.