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Maned Wolf (CollectA - Wild Life)

Started by postsaurischian, February 16, 2013, 12:01:17 PM

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Wow, he's much more deatailed than I thought he'd be, from the waves of his fur down to the pads on his feet. The sculptor has definetly created a great figure and one that's in such an elegant pose.  :)) Congratulations on getting him so soon.  :D


Great walk-around, Helge! :) One of my favourite CollectA figures. I was very worried the thin legs may be too bendy (and would probably warp over time) but they aren't at all, CollectA seems to use different sorts of plastic for differently shaped figures, the Maned Wolf is made of a very rigid material. Others, e.g. the Narwhal, are much softer (I guess that's mandatory for the Narwhal due to safety regulations). So the rigid material allowed that the legs of this one could indeed look so realistically slender. And then the tiny paws which are yet so detailed! ^-^


Yes, these new CollectA figures are very impressive. The sculptor(s) has done a great job. :)


Very nice figure and beautiful walk-around, I like to much, Collecta have doene a great work thsi year  ^-^.
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Great figure! Congratulations and thank You for so nice walk around :D
It's rarely seen species in modern brands and this replica is really good. Another must have for me  ::) :o ^-^