Big Horn Ram (Safari LTD - North American Wildlife)

Started by Battatitan, February 03, 2013, 05:20:20 PM

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Slowly (but surely) I'm beginning to post the walk-arounds I took not long ago. Today I'll be showing you Safari's Big Horn Ram - in my opinion he's a nice figure although paintwork is more colourful than earthy. Unfortunatly he's retired but shouldn't be too difficult to procure.

I do really like his pose, allowing for dioramas portraying him surveying for predators from high rocky outcrops.  :D Hopefully I'll be able to upload some dioramas of him shortly.

Another look at his nicely detailed head:

Many thanks for looking and I hope my pictures' quality was adequate.  :D


Great photos, thanks for posting, Battatitan! :) I hope it won't get hard to find too soon, I'm still hoping to get one, eventually!


It looks very well, thanks for sharing friend, well done  ^-^!.
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It's nice figure and,  I think, it's the only one figure of this species produced by toy companies? :)


Well, there is a mini version of it in the North American Wildlife Toob and that one's still available! :)