Asian Arowana yellow-tail variety (Marmit World of Tropical Fish Secret)

Started by sbell, January 31, 2013, 09:08:55 PM

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Marmit is another Japanese company that, again, has put out a small series of animals. These figures are good, not exactly Yujin or Kaiyodo, but decent. One strange thing--instead of separate pegs it is moulded as part of the fish. Unfortunately, the material is also kind of soft--the pegs on many of the ones I have are bent, and don't seem to be fixable using warm water (I may need to use a blow dryer).

The arowana is the secret or chase figure from the set--as usual it is the Asian species Scleropages formosus but it is an interesting variety (instead of the usual reds or golds).


I like it. I didnt know this brand, Thanks for sharing friend  ^-^.
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Despite the bending pegs that are sculpted to the figure, I really like it! :)