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Longnose Gar (Toba Aquarium - Capsule Series 2)

Started by sbell, January 31, 2013, 08:52:19 PM

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The Toba Aquarium series are a bit enigmatic--they are super high quality, as can be seen in the details of the ganoid scales and fin rays. But they are not Kaiyodo. This gar was part of a set of 'Living Fossil' creatures. However, some of the figures from the set tend to be seen in other sets as well (all related to the Toba Aquarium). Sadly, the gar does not appear in any other sets, so it can be tricky to find.


Very cool and realistic figures friend, thanks for sharing  ^-^.
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That's a very nice gar figure! :) Oh, and nice to see that you show some diorama scenes, too! 8)