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Spotted Hyena (Ricolino)

Started by sbell, January 31, 2013, 08:41:28 PM

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Ricoino is a Mexican candy company who released a set of African animals that, when the bases were puzzled together, formed the shape of the continent of Africa. The only other animal from the set I am aware of is a lion (which I don't have). I believe there are other continents as well, as I seem to recall seeing a koala at one point. I don't even know how old this one is.


Cool figure and puzzle piece is a great star  ^-^.
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Hey, Mr. Tamiya Dinosaur Diorama man, stand up! Stand up! :o ;D


Wow, that's interesting! I hear about this company first time and I this figure of hyena looks very nice! Congratulations!  :))


Very interesting  :), i dont know this brand before