Electric Eel (Kaiyodo Casule Aquarium Vol.5 No.04)

Started by sbell, January 31, 2013, 08:13:02 PM

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A lovely Kaiyodo fish from one of the many Capsule Aquarium series. It's surprising it took this long to get an electric eel figure from somebody, seeing as they are such an iconic fish. But I guess we waited long enough to get a good one!


I'm not sure (because Japanese companies are capable of surprising us with even the obscurest animal species in toy form) but I think it's possible that the eel-like general appearance might be a reason why it hasn't been made before? Thinking of it, can it be there's also just one Conger Eel figure? Anyway, this is another figure to covet, I just hope to find one that's considerably cheaper than those I've seen... :'(


I think that is the first time that I see a figure of this specie  ^-^
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