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Zebra (Preiser / Elastolin - 1:25 series)

Started by postsaurischian, January 28, 2013, 04:10:32 PM

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..... compared to one of the Schleich Zebras:


Very nice! Much nicer than I imagined actually  8) Wow, thank You for sharing photos, I guess it is now on my never ending wishlist too  ::)


Yes, comparison it is a good star, well done friend  ^-^.
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Wow, how elegant, congrats, Helge! 8) While the Schleich Zebra is apparently an excellent one - just compare the hooves of both! :o Okay, maybe a bit unfair, I assume the Preiser Zebra is the same resin material as their human figures? If the legs of a vinyl figure were made that gracile I assume they might possibly warp eventually, especially during summer.


Yes, hooves of Schleich zebra look now like they belong to draft horse, when compared to Reisler zebra hooves  :o