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Sioux Chief on Horseback (Schleich - American Frontier)

Started by Battatitan, January 23, 2013, 06:23:08 PM

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Hey everybody  ;)

I encountered some elusive free time the other day so I photographed a few figures for some walk-arounds. Here I'll be 'walking around' a fine Schleich figure from a sadly retired line: the Sioux Chief from Schleich's 'World of the American Frontier'. Despite being an old line they certainly are detailed and I'm sure would provide imaginitive play for kids (and collectors  :-[ ). The Sioux Chief is, unfortunatly, the only figure from this range which I own.

He certainly is a detailed piece: it takes little imagination to see him surveying his prairie before gracefully returning to his tribe on his stallion (perhaps I am biased, being a particularly equine-person, but the steed is probably my favourite part of this set). I hope that my photos provide them at least some justice.
<and I didn't mean to ramble on as much as I just did>

His Appaloosa steed:

...And the chief himself (looking a tad uncomfortable on the stool). The colours and details of his clothes are really impressive but in some places paint application is a little sloppy:

Mid-Gangnam Style:

The nice addition of his... err... weapon (I'm not wholly familiar with Sioux traditions etc):

I hope my walk-around was enjoyable and the pictures adequate. I would definetly recommend this figure (and the others from the line) although the Chief is quite sought after now.
Many thanks for looking.  ;)


It's a great looking figure and thanks for posting, nice photos, too! 8) I also have only one figure of the line, the "Settler Father".


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