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Singularly Siamese

Started by Sincerely Siamese, December 06, 2012, 08:28:45 PM

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Sincerely Siamese

I always wanted to collect Siamese figures and toys , art and so forth. I just never have done so...think it would be neat to see what people can post representative of this beloved aristocat, wether toys, figures, models, posters, or collectibles.


Siamese cats? I don't know, but I bet there must be a fair amount out there  :-\


I have only very few figures of domestic animals but there is one Siamese Cat among them (albeit a very tiny one)...

It's from the Furuta Choco Egg Pet Series 1 (No. 003). Doesn't Seijun have quite a large one or am I mistaken?

Sincerely Siamese

It is a nice figure regardless the size. I find this species of cat fascinating. Their history and how they were first bred is a fascinating story. Thanks for sharing. I am unsure what Seiijun about it? Do you have some Siamese to share ?


I have one Siamese in my collection, it's CollectA and I like it! :) I have a photo from my collection, together with some other figures, sorry I had no better photo right now :)

Sincerely Siamese

I think its an awesome picture and delighted you shared it !!! That little guy shows so much character too , love the pose.


:) Yes, the pose is very nice :) There is also sitting one in this brand but I don't have it.  :)


Country Artists made a siamese (well, several actually)

They came flying from far away, now I'm under their spell....


Should we make this thread for felines in general? There don't seem to be many enthusiasts on here.

I like turtles.