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Blue whale (Invicta - British Museum: Natural History)

Started by AnimalToyForum, January 17, 2013, 03:22:14 PM

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Walk-around of the Invicta blue whale (Balaeonoptera musculus), the only extant animal in the line produced for the British Museum (Natural History) (as it was then called, today it is known as Natural History Museum, London). This figure is now out of production, but is commonly available on Ebay , especially in the UK . It always seemed a little out of place to me alongside the prehistoric animals in the series, although it is a beautiful replica. O:-) A colour version was also produced in a softer plastic. Maybe some dear reader would like to share pictures of that one too. Apologies for the dust in some of the close ups.  :-[ Also note the much beloved invicta stand - this one is white, as opposed to translucent.


Wonderful figure   :))  My dream is to find painted version of this whale to my collection but it's hard to find ::)


It's still one of the better Blue Whale figures despite its age! :) It's only a guess but since the Mammal hall at the NHM has the famous life-size replica of a Blue Whale, may this have been a reason to include the figure in the line? I've seen many larger dinosaur models there, too, which looked as if they might have been used as templates for the Invicta dinosaurs. I would have loved if the Invicta Blue Whale had been made larger, though. Wait, wasn't the series supposed to be 1/45 (with the exception of Troodon)? Now that would have been a Blue Whale figure! 8) ;D
A few years back (2007 or so?) I've seen that the shop in the Fuhlrott Museum Wuppertal still sold the figure together with stand for just â,¬3,-. Sadly the museum doesn't exist anymore. :-\


I have this whale  ^-^. It is one of my firts figures of Invicta  ^-^. My parents bought me this figure when I was a child (5years old).Wonderful figure and wonderful review. Congrats  ^-^.
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Quote from: Ana on January 17, 2013, 04:23:12 PM
Wonderful figure   :))  My dream is to find painted version of this whale to my collection but it's hard to find ::)

I'm resurrecting an old thread with this reply but I didn't realise they made a coloured version of the blue whale. I know there are some slight variants of the hard plastic monochrome version with different text on the tail.

Also, I was in London last week and got to see the full size blue whale model again ( :o ), plus the skeleton that's been mounted in the entrance hall (replacing the Diplodocus, booo!). Why not have both?  :P


Oh I have the British Museum stegosaurus. It's painted in a sort of buff cream colour.
Don't I take long uploading photos!