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Lidth's Jay (Kaiyodo - Natural Monuments of Japan)

Started by postsaurischian, January 15, 2013, 03:57:28 PM

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                              Series:   Natural Monuments of Japan
                                                                   (This is figure No.14 of 50)








Amazing figure of an amazing bird. 8) Since it's so brightly coloured it's strange that it's a corvid (yes, there are other colourful jays, too) and in the same genus as our European Jay, Garrulus glandarius. And it's about the same size, too.
Ha, I have that one, too! Forgot from whom, though... ;D Kidding, of course I've got it from you! ^-^


They came flying from far away, now I'm under their spell....



Amazing bird and amazing figure. Colors of this bird are more beautiful thane the european jay, but this lasta is a wondeful, beautiful and very cleaver  ^-^.
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Beautiful jay, what a great figure!! :cheers: Thank You for sharing photos! :)


 :) Hey, thanks for all the nice comments!
I wish I had more time to take more pictures of more animals ;D.