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Animal animation

Started by tyrantqueen, December 06, 2012, 06:34:20 PM

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What are your favourite shows/cartoons/films with animals?

My favourite film of all time is The Lion King. Everyone's seen it. I loved it as a child, and had an obsession with it. Now, I'm not so obsessed, but still can appreciate the animation and storyline a lot more. I also appreciate the story from a personal point of view.

Watership Down. Not a kid's film really, since it has violence and mild swearing. It's still awesome for the storyline and music.

And also, Animaniacs. Because it's so funny, and has jokes that adults can appreciate.

The Animals of Farthing Wood. Sorta similiar premise to Watership Down, but more animals than just rabbits. It's also very violent and realistic in places.

Can't watch this part without bawling my eyes out  :'( :-[

They came flying from far away, now I'm under their spell....


Oh I saw this serie when I was a child. It is very beutiful but it has sad espisodes sometimes like this.
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Watership Down was actually one of my favorite movies from a very young age. It is one of the first movies I recall seeing and despite the mature content it never really bothered me though it had a couple creepy parts. Another movie based on a Richard Adams book and done by the same animators was The Plague Dogs which is about this pair of dogs that escape from an animal testing lab. That movie is much darker than Watership Down. Honestly it is downright depressing.

I too grew up loving The Lion King. Along with Jurassic Park those were my favorite movies at the time. More recently I really enjoy Finding Nemo.


I thought I may revive this thread - today I rediscovered one of my favourite cartoon series from my childhood, "Misterjaw". In 1980 it was aired as a German-dubbed version and renamed "Und der Haifisch...". Until today I didn't even know that the protagonist has a German accent... ;D


I like Lion King too :D  I didn't know Misterjaw before.

Now I'm quite crazy about "Shaun the Sheep" and a little bit older "Creatures Comforts", especially first one, it's my favourite :D

As for sad cartoons my parents had VHS with "Animal Farm" (cartoon based on George Orwell story) and they watched this when I was 5 yo, I still remember the scene in which horse was taken to slaughterhouse and donkey was running around crying   :'( 


I know that this might better belong on the Dino Toy Forum but I've got to throw in the Land Before Time series here. I haven't watched them since because I don't want to discover they've aged poorly.
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