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Komodo dragon (Papo - Wild Animals)

Started by Jetoar, January 10, 2013, 01:47:40 AM

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Hello friends, this is the komodo dragon of Papo. This figure was released in 2009.

Papo do good replies of felines, but their reptiles are very nice to. This figure is an accurate representation of this animal. The stand of this figure is magnificent because recreate the walking march of this reptile and we can se the heavy and massive body of this strong lizard.They have don very well the sacles and his texture is very fine.

The only fail that this figure is the color. I think that they painted this figure as the komodo dragon of upper image, but the green is too dark. After the AAA komodo dragon, he is from my point of view one of the best figures, in the same position that Schleich figure  ^-^. My parents gift me this figure for Christmas 3 years ago  ^-^.
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Hi Jetoar, looks like we want the same creatures from Papo. Only thing is, I can't seem to view the pictures you posted. Is there a way you can re-post them so they can be seen? These review photos are very crucial when trying to get a good look of what the product actually looks like. I've seen the prototypes the toy makers used for their catalogs, but that doesn't mean that's what us consumers are gonna get.
I've got all the Papo dinosaurs, since they seem to have knack of making reptile figures flawlessly. Therefore, I ordered the Nile croc and the Gavial models to add to my growing collection.
So if possible, I will be grateful if you could show your pictures again. Thank you.