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Yowies USA - discussion

Started by AnimalToyForum, June 17, 2018, 09:45:50 PM

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I'm creating this topic in response to @Takama and his excellent proliferation of Yowies USA walk-arounds. Maybe this has been discussed already somewhere on the forum, so feel free to point me to the appropriate thread, but I have a few questions.

Does anyone know the relationship between the Australian Yowies and Yowies USA? The two lines look very different, the Australian ones are made of separate hard pieces, while the USA one seem to be single solid (but softer?) sculpts. If so, I'm guessing the company is just exploring a different approach?

What is the packaging like for Yowies USA, do they come with candy?

Lastly, are there any prehistoric critters in the line?


This is there packaging

Underneath the Foil is some Chocolete that melted on the way home from the Store

Underneath that is a plastic container that halds the Yowie.  This time i got a monster, which is one of the things i hate about the line


Thanks! Oh, so, you have to be lucky to get an animal inside. :))


Indeed you do

I also should have mentiond that there are Three Series of Yowies

Series 1 (I dont think this has a name)

Series 2 (All American Collection)

Series 3 (Rescue Series)

Also There is a Group on Facebook that Specielizes in tradeing Yowies, and its based in Australia :o

There, the yowies are the same as the USA ones, but they do not have the Rescues Series yet. Plus the Containers are Yellow with Green


Hi All,

I'm new here, but an avid Yowie collector so will try answer your questions :)

New Yowies (2016 onwards) are the same in both the USA and Australia, and consist of a single solid sculpt. The series are sometimes named differently, however, the figurines in the yowies are identical.

In the late 1990's to mid 2000's, Australia had the original yowies. These were multi-piece toys which had to be put together - made from several hard pieces. In the old yowies, there were 12 series released. Three of these series were called "Lost Kingdoms" and were made up solely of pre-historic figures. There were 50,30,30 in each of these sets respectively.

There was also 2 series of 50 released in the UK in the early 2000's (these were single solid sculpts).

New Yowies have now had 6 series released, with a 7th - called Animals with Superpowers - to be released later in 2021 in the USA and Australia.

Hope this helps :)


The original UK and Australian Yowies were produced by Cadbury.

The current lines are produced by Yowie Group (often called Yowie USA).

I came across this blog that has all of the Cadbury series, with names and years of release:


I was so bummed when I saw the composition of the "Blast from the Past" line, because it sure sounds like it should have been a prehistoric series.
Where I try to find the best version of every prehistoric species:


Quote from: animaltoyforum on June 17, 2018, 10:14:36 PM
Thanks! Oh, so, you have to be lucky to get an animal inside. :))

The funny thing is that hardcore collectors are as excited, or more so, to gather all of the not-animals as well.

I have (had?) a few of the original Yowie-men figures and honestly didn't care at all. It's the only way to get a Mauisaurus or Saratoga arowana!